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Summer Workshops 2023

2.5 hour workshops for children aged 8+


  • All materials, snack and drink provided.

  • Suitable for children ages 8 and above.

  • This is a drop-off session, led by Phil


  • £17.50 for one child

  • £21 for two sibling children

  • £25 for three sibling children

1st August - Fire







  • A morning in the woods with us learning how to make fires. Try out different types of natural tinder, different ways and techniques of lighting fires, and have a go at lighting and keeping alight your own fire.

25th August - Introduction to Whittling



  • An introductory session to whittling with green/soft wood.

  • No prior experience is necessary. We will cover the safe and appropriate use of whittling knives and tools, as well as introducing an awareness of UK knife law.

  • Participants will choose from a range of achievable beginner projects such as wand making, animal figures, or miniature mushrooms.

1st September - Campfire Cooking

  • A practical skills based workshop where children will learn to safely build, light and maintain a fire to cook on.

  • We will cook a range of sweet and savoury dishes, all of which can be easily replicated at home to impress and cater for friends and family on camping trips or holidays!

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